World Changing Projects & Ideas

In alphabetical order, because any project or idea that helps our world and all of us is my favorite!!!  (and as a side note please remember the Power of Three :) ) :


(Please click on image for the full view).




The NoomapNetwork Project Facebook page and their website.

OpHumanAngels website.

Revolutionary Empathy Facebook page.






thearts Project on Facebook. Here is their video explaining thearts.






If there are any projects that you feel need to be added to this page, please send me a message <3



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One thought on “World Changing Projects & Ideas”

  1. Hey you I recommend you add Thrive Movement, Wayseers Movement and their news blog, New Earth Nation, even Zeitgeist Movement. All are very organized compared to Ubuntu-sorry had to say it:( I am going to talk to Barb in a few min…Hope you are getting lets done and having a great KeeKee day!…Louxo

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