What Is Your Legacy?

What matters to people? What do people think about when they wake up and when they go to sleep? Do they think about their loneliness? Their aloneness? Do they feel gratitude for what they have? Are they thinking about how much they enjoy their lives? Or do they hate their lives? What do they dream of? What do they wonder about?
I lay awake wondering what the fuck is going on… Putting pieces together. Trying to figure it out. Trying to pick myself up. I wonder about the future for my children. Their education and how fucked it is. The understaffed classrooms. The lack of resources and tools needed. My son in grade 10 being humiliated in class because he doesn’t understand numerical concepts from grade 6. How will they get along in this world? How wil they even begin to survive? I don’t think about debt anymore. It’s all a joke and it continues to play less and less of a role in my thought processes… But that only happened because I learned about money and fiat currency and the corruption and illusion that the banking system is. I wonder about the environment. Is she strong enough to withstand all the shit we are dishing? Is it arrogant to think she can’t? Is that why Geoengineering is happening? Because those fucks are afraid? What are they doing to the water? The land? The air? The wildlife? The plants? Why are so many people sick here in Alberta? You simply look at the stats on respiratory illnesses and cancers and neurological diseases and you have to wonder wtf. You look at the number of speech language pathology issues, cognitive disorders in our children and you have to wonder… You look at the plant life, the trees, their leaves, little bushes and shrubs and there are so many stressed plants… They lost their leaves in June last year, or none of their seeds or seed pods fell, and the ones that didn’t lose their leaves have awful markings on them, more vulnerable and weak, their susceptibility to disease and insect damage seems higher than any other time I can remember. I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on… We need them to live damnit!And then I wonder why it is that so few of us seem to notice this… Are we the ones that are more in touch with nature? When the fuck is someone really going to pick this up and start running with it, right out there in the main stream medias view, the public eye…?I wonder about people on the whole… Is it truly apathy? Or are they so afraid? What keeps them immobilized from thinking about these things and speaking out? Is it truly, ‘It doesn’t affect me? I’m ok. Nothing’s happening’? They can’t think about these things because the problems are so huge? They don’t see out interconnectedness? Or they are under the gun so badly that they can’t think about their homeless brother or sister because they too haven’t eaten, can’t pay their bills, are trying to stay afloat?

I don’t know what to conclude really. All I know is that fuckery is afoot, something is seriously wrong in the land of human beings and the natural realms and the future of the worlds children is up in the air.

And that is no good. That is not acceptable. We can do better than this. I don’t imagine I well ever sleep too well again. Not until I know that this world is secure for the young ones, the yet to be born. Our responsibility to them is great. Saving for college is not enough. Our ancestral duty to those who will rise up after us go far beyond that…

So what will you leave behind? What is your legacy?

What matters to you?

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