Vaccine Injury Compensation

Here is some critical thinking for you….

If vaccines are so bitchin’ why has the US government been compensating people for vaccine injuries? To the tune of almost $2.6B over 24 years.?!?

For realz.

All BACKED by data, links, statistics and reports from the One, the ONLY….

United States Government.


– The period covers fiscal years (FY) 1989 to FY 2013. There were 3,387 compensable claims—meaning those claims that received compensation or money, and 9,651 claims that were dismissed.

– The U.S. Court of Federal Claims (aka the vaccine court) paid out $2,569,336,538.59 for compensable claims and $104,202,681.85 for attorneys’ fees representing those claims. The court paid another round of attorneys’ fees for dismissed claims totaling $56,375,431.34, plus $15,190,454.29 for interim attorneys’ fees.

– Please study the data carefully. You will notice the vaccines causing the most damage were:

DPT 3,284; Influenza (Trivalent) 1,108; MMR 860; Hepatitis B 591; DtaP 353;

OPV (Oral Polio) 280

The vaccine attributed to causing the most deaths was DTP with 696 deaths.

Coincidentally, of the 32 vaccines listed, very few—only 5—had no deaths attributed…..”


If vaccines were so freaking awesome there would be no need for Compensation programs.


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