I have known life wasn’t happening the way it was supposed to most of my life, even though I was successful. Good people were not treating others right, they didn’t trust, accept help unconditionally and as I got old, it got worse, way way worse. One day while looking for a spark of fresh air, someone people could trust and support to make a difference, I met Clint Curtis. He told me about his program that changed election results and how his best friend lost his life trying to help him prove his program was being used, and how he went to Congress to narc on himself. I was already awake to a lot, but this, this pissed me off. You know, the kind of anger that never dies. Now, I will never stop. I knew at that moment why people were the way they were. The game was rigged, and people knew it, they just did know why they knew it, they just did. I am here to give them all the whys.


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