Seven Generations

I’m going ta ‘hell’ for this… But, I can’t stop… :'( <3

The world must know.

The world must know that there are children here who are hungry. Families struggle hard. With their bills, with trying to save, with putting their kids through school… Doesn’t matter what class you’re in unless you are born of the elites.

Many families live without water. Or the water that they do have is polluted. Or they live without heat. Or indoor plumbing. Their housing is substandard. Many here, especially those who live near industry or those within the First Nations territories are sick.

The land here has been sold to the highest bidder. Industry marches throughout the countryside buying up water rights, taking whatever they can find. Industrial pollution is wreaking havoc on our environment and it has been destroying ecosystems for quite some time. Some people can light their tap water on fire. Entire communities have to truck in their drinking water or buy flats of bottles of it because industry has destroyed it through pollution or drained their aquifers completely.

The banks have been bailed out. They are in collusion with the government and the corporations. The banking system here is rigged as well. Many members of our law enforcement and justice systems are corrupt.

The opportunity to learn has become a race, a competition. Children are not taught, they are groomed and pushed hard to fit the education mold and model. So many are falling through the cracks and coming out of school unprepared for the harshness of this world. College and University are becoming a pipe dream for so many. The cost of living has skyrocketed while the availability of good healthcare, nutritious food and a decent education has significantly decreased. We are drowning in debt owed to the private banks and the insurance industry.

We are no different than other places…

This is Canada.

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