Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)

I am posting the following for a friend.
But, I wanted to share this openly for anyone who is just starting out on their journey with autism, communication skills, sensory processing disorders and so on….

Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist:

Make your Own SPD toys:

Article from a Mother of an Autistic with SPD:

The best thing you could do for more ideas on this is Google ‘sensory processing DIY’….

PECS – picture exchange communication system….

The good thing about PECS is that it can assist in teaching your child ALMOST anything via communication boards or otherwise.

The crap thing about PECS is that the licensing for it is (the last time I checked) over $500.

The best thing I just discovered is if you Google ‘PECS’ and click on images you will come up with a shit ton of PECS you can save to your tech device for your own use for later.

The other thing you can look into although I don’t remember a lot about it as it didn’t seem to help us much is the connection between gut health, food allergies and autism symptoms….

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