Revolutionary Dreaming

We stay asleep in our beds. But, we walk out of our homes….

Sledgehammers in hand.

We walk over to the ‘Big Pharma’ sign and smash it. All Big Pharmas go down. No more fucking with our genes, our DNA, our health and our wellness. No more hijacking us when we are at our most vulnerable. No more holding us hostage to secure our wellness.

One bar of The Cage falls.

We walk over to the ‘Big Banks’ sign and smash it. All Big Banks go down. All debt erased. No more race for ‘Whoever has the Most Money in the End Wins.’ No more 1%. No more ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

Another bar on the The Cage falls.

We walk over to the ‘GMO’s’ sign. We smash that fucker right over. All GMO life on earth turns to ash. No particles left anywhere. All damage reversed. All land is fertile.

Another bar on The Cage falls.

We stroll over to the ‘Geoengineering’ Sign. Smash that one to pieces. The planet rights itself with no harm befalling anyone and all hurt healed. All health affected set to rights.

The Cage groans, the bars still carry such a heavy burden.

We are running now… The wind is in our hair. We are grinning and goosebumped. Crying and laughing… Elated. Bulls in china shops. But, we are almost there…

We hit the ‘Big Brother’ sign. All Government and Military fall. All surveillance stops. All wars end. All collusion and corruption ends. All authority ends.

Another bar on The Cage comes crashing down.

Finally, we come upon the biggest sign…:


The hits come from all sides…. These are the last bars on The Cage. At some point the roof caves to some awful disjointed angle and that fucker comes crashing down. We swing our hammers till there is nothing left.

Our enslavement is over.
We are free.

We stand there breathless, exhausted, faces toward each other and then the sun.

We put our hammers down and take each other’s hand.

We breathe.
We breathe those life infusing breaths.

We Intend. We Will.

Gather All Life within us.
Call All Life to us.

And Life listens.

Our quiet love and respect for this world garners strength.

We are ready.

I reach into my pockets…
And pull out seeds of LOVE.
I open my hand and let the wind take them.

My brother next to me…
He reaches into his pockets and pulls out seeds of COMPASSION.
They are gone in a split second on the wind.

My sister next to me…
She reaches into the pockets of her dress and pulls out handfuls of the seeds of COMMUNITY…
The wind takes them.

The next… Seeds of HOPE.
The next… Seeds of FORTITUDE.
The next… Seeds of KINDNESS.
The next… Seeds of CONNECTION.
The next… Seeds of RESPECT.
The next… Seeds of CREATIVITY.
The next… Seeds of INNOVATION.
The next… Seeds of CARE.
The next… Seeds of ABUNDANCE.
The next… Seeds of PEACE.

We hold so many seeds for the world.

The wind takes them all.
They disperse throughout the globe.
And life begins anew.

The world is whole once more.

We with the sledgehammers, with the power to tear down that which subjugated us all also had the seeds, the power to co-create this world anew.

All Life Mattered.

Everyone, every Living Being has gifts to share with this World.

All are Important.
All are Needed.
All are Loved.

(This was the beginnings of a waking dream I had that I decided to share… It expanded from there. This is my first time sharing something like this. I can’t draw what I envisioned. So I found some akin to what I saw).

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