Not Without Our Consent

I came across this article tonight:

And I am flabbergasted.

Agriculture WAS doing it?
But, Insurance took it over in 1991?!?


And so uhhh, at what point does it stop?

The people’s lack of belief? Their lack of care and concern? Their imagined inability to act?

When does it stop?

We can make allll the money we want. Buy all the houses. Procure the Audi’s, BMW’s and Hummer’s. The ATV’s. The gadgets. The latest fads…..

But, none of that will matter when we’re choking on our atmosphere. And this planet is dead.

We get what we deserve.

We have been lax for so long. Trusting those in power. We have fought hard against one another asserting the truth as we know it.

‘You’re crazy.’ ‘You’re one of those tin foil hat wearing kinda types, huh?’ ‘You’re insane if you believe that.’

That is exactly how I feel when I come across people that are incapable of critical thought.

It amazes me that we have yet to come together and confront the ugliness that is being created for our ‘benefit’.

The flora and fauna all over North America are exhibiting signs of damage due to the environment around them that they are manipulating and essentially destroying.

We gave no consent for this. Permission for this has not been given by the people.

And it is being pitched to us like we should be grateful we’re being ‘chem bombed’ from the sky because it’s saving our ‘things’ and ‘protecting’ us.

Such a crock.

And, really… Who is it saving?

It is obvious that the insurance companies don’t want to pay. They don’t want to deal with the wrath of Mother Nature and the damage she can do to our ‘stuff’.

So they spray the skies.
With chemicals.
Which rain down on us.

Our children.
Our pets.
Our ‘stuff’.

And on all life around us.

I hope this blows the minds of those who are only now starting to get it:

They don’t really care about us.
They don’t care about our homes, our autos, our lives, our loved ones. Our ‘stuff’.

We are a number.
A file.
A dollar sign.
A profit margin.
A cash cow.

Our tragedies are their write offs and capital losses.

They will do what they must to prevent monetary loss and increase their wealth.

Including poisoning the sky.

Do you see?

This article asserts that all three levels of the Canadian government combined carry a smashing total of $4.1 trillion in direct debt and unfunded liabilities.

Who is most of this astronomical amount of cashola owed to?

Insurance companies & private banks.

And where are the high dollar amounts developing?

Within the interest charged on the dollars loaned….

What the hell is interest anyways? Jeez.

This paints a horrifying picture of what our children should expect from their future…:

We are creating debt slaves who will be groomed to appreciate their own demise because the insurance companies that are spraying the shit out of us and our air to modify the atmosphere to prevent inclement weather to protect the things we pay them to insure, don’t want to pay to fix the things that WE PAY THEM to cover.

Make any sense?


I know, damnit! It’s maddening.

And as far as looking out for #1? I couldn’t find an accurate number to nail down for the whole lot of them…

But, the major insurance companies in Canada made profits in the billions of dollars range. Just checking into a small number of the major ones combined and we are talking about the tens of billions of dollars range and beyond.

I think the growth of the industry and the snowballing of their profits is happening far too fast for anyone to tabulate on an annual basis anymore.

Anyways… Enough of my psychotic ranting, right?

All I want to know is….

Who gave them permission to do this?
Why weren’t we consulted?
Why is it being portrayed to the public in such a disgusting way?

And where can I sign up to OPT OUT?

Myself, my children and all life that I love need to opt out…

And finally, where can we get some no-spraying of the atmosphere happening?


Please point the way…….


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