Love to Humanity

May we all stand strong….

May we make it through each coming moment with honesty, dignity, integrity, courage and honour.

And most of all, may we make it through with love.

May we remember who we are and take time to reflect on who we strive to become.

May we aim high.

May the injuries and insults that we endure fall away like wind-swept dust.

May we nurture our resilience.

May we approach our lives with clarity, clarity on who and what matters, what is important to us and how we can make our dreams a reality within our lives and our communities.

May we cultivate our future holistically.

May we walk through these coming days with discernment, compassion, vibrancy, kindness and love, for ourselves and for others.

May we make it through with our humanity as our armour.

May we all be well met on the path at the end of the clearing…. <3

Love to you, World…

#AllLifeMatters #YouMatter

~ Written July 1st, 2014

This is the beginnings of getting all the writing that I have done in one spot… Both past and present. They are listed under the ‘Menu’.

I hope you enjoy….


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