“…Have you ever noticed whenever you speak of a not so good future people always say “not in my life time or my kids life time or their kids lifetimes or their kids lifetimes”? What they are saying is that they know what you say is true but they really don’t give a shit about distant future generations. They care about themselves because they are here. They care about their kids because they put them here. They care about their grand kids because they will be around to see them. And they care about their great grand kids because they may be here to see them born. After that they really don’t care because they will be long gone and they have no real other connections beyond their great grand children. Perhaps this is why people fail to get involved in the future of the world. Our time here is very short. Perhaps if we lived for 500 years or more people would care more and get involved. Imagine having 450 years to do in a job you hate! I cringe just thinking about it. People would also start to think “Hey this could happen in my life time!”…”

~ Joe ~


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