Growing Empowered

11349863_10153301675991550_1934395428_nThis is the hub page for the upcoming course I am currently writing. Everything needed for the course will eventually be hosted here.

Please book mark this page so you can check back from time to time for new information that I come across.

Thank you.


‘Secrets of the Soil’ by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

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3 thoughts on “Growing Empowered”

  1. Hi KeeKee,
    I’m looking forward to your course. I purchased SOS but haven’t read it yet as I’m currently reading the Ubuntu book. However, your posting snippets of SOS on FB encouraged me to purchase it, so thank you for that and all the hard work you do in making this world a better place. ♡

  2. We need to put a representative in Government ASAP. Otherwise we lose ground and it’ll take another 4 yrs before we can vote this party into government and be subsidized.

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