Free Your Mind

The following random documents have been copied and pasted from different sites and sources on the interwebs.

They have all been instrumental in liberating the minds of many.

These take a lot of slow, deliberate reading and time to process to fully understand. They are matrix breaking documents and concepts that may cause profound cognitive dissonance for some.

Not for the ‘Faint of Heart’…:

The Anatomy of Slavespeak by Frederick Mann

The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner

Semantic Rigidity, Flexibility & Freedom by Frederick Mann

What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right & Government by Pierre Joseph Proudhon

1984 by George Orwell

To access a great number of additional publications like the above please see: Mondo Politico & the Personal Empowerment Resources websites.

How To Create Your Own Promissory Notes by Michael Tellinger

My own quick ‘ColesNotes’ rundown on ‘The Anatomy of Slavespeak’:

If there are any additional documents, videos or otherwise that would be prudent to place here for the purpose of assisting othersĀ  please get in touch.

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