Ok, here i am, brothers and sisters. My name is Franco, from Italy, you know me as “Franco Fra” on Fb.

My story is…. bah… i think the same of most of us. For a most part of my life (and now i’m old…. unfortunately), i was a “good citizen”, i obey laws, work harder for support my family, pay taxes… and so on. As all of my fellow citizens, i watch every news on Tv, newspapers, ignoring the great deception. I believed everything I was told, I had no reason to doubt, was they not the “disclosure of the truth”? So, i thought, but….. a day, one year ago about….. There were many protests in Italy, by the students, in favor of the public school that the government wanted to privatize. There were clashes with the police, there were wounded, and the government said that the violence was provoked by the protesters who attacked the police. My daughter was among them, and what she told me did not fit with what the TV told, so … I started looking for the truth ‘in the web …. for every fact told by the media there was a demonstration filmed exactly the opposite, and I realized …..the great deception. I saw armed police in riot suits, attacking and beating unarmed boys of 14 years, even they were dangerous terrorists, guilty only of protesting for the right to study. I saw terrified girls locked in a corner by more police and dragged away by the hair. Are those “the terrorists”?

I assure you that the real criminals in my country, are treated much better.

I continued to seek the truth, and I discovered a “new world”, very different from what ‘I knew. A world where the lies, the deceptions were exposed, where there were those who fought for the truth’. And I found friendship, equality, brotherhood, sharing of life. I rediscovered the meaning of being human that I had lost, after years of indoctrination and brainwashing, where I taught in refuse, fight, marginalizing the “different”, to despise poverty, ’cause “who was poor was just a loser”.

So ‘I knew I had spent a lifetime in falsehood’, pursuing ideals without meaning, and I began to understand how deeply wrong there is in the world, and I decided to fight, as I can. Probably will not do ‘no difference’, I am only 1, and even old, but I would not spend the last years of my life without even trying to do something.

~ Franco ~

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