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On April 18th, 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, over 7 and some hours, immersed with many like minded people, we sat and witnessed 4 extremely intelligent men who all had much to share.

This was the presentation we attended:

I have nine pages of notes but I will keep it short and point form, photographing the pages and attaching them to this post.

Please remember that I kept up as best as I could, topics of interest often jumped back and forth and although this is slightly out of context I included as much as I could.

I can’t encourage you enough to please save the link to this post so the info is available to you whenever you need it.

And if you begin reading, please make it to the end if you can as it all ties in together.

And brace yourself. It is long and contains a great deal to consider.

The first speaker was Paul T. Hellyer, Former Minister of Defence for Canada:

He right away spoke of Operation Paperclip and Project MK Ultra all spear headed by the CIA.

The Cabal aka the ‘Shadow Government’ or Alternative Govt is made up of:

The Bildeberg Group.
The Trilateral Commission.
The Banking/Financial Cartel.
The Oil Cartel.
The CEO’s of Transnational Corporations.
And the Intelligence Agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA & others)

The current Premier of Alberta, Canada is a part of the Trilateral Commission.

The USA is not a democracy, it is an oligarchy, the president is not in charge and congress has no clue what is happening.

From 1974-1975 to 2010-2011 Canadians paid $1,000,100,000,000 in interest to the Private Banks.

That is 1 trillion,100 million dollars.

Government owns the patents on cold fusion and zero point energy devices. They are withholding it from us.

We need to make our own devices.

There was no pulse wave before either  the recent Earthquake in Japan or the 1989 San Fransisco Earthquake.

Fukushima and San Francisco earthquakes were both caused by a Tesla device in the possession of the US government.

He spoke briefly of HAARP and Geoengineering.

He spoke of the Cabal and the New World Order, how countries that didn’t tow the line paid the price Re.: Greece & Cypress.

He spoke of ‘Black Budgets’, off the books monies, the US Military is spending $1.2T every two years. They are building underground cities. They have purchased 10,700 rail cars fitted with 140 pairs of feet each worth of shackles and 64,000 black hawk choppers with infrared radar.

I have purchased his book ‘The Money Mafia’ and will be reading it shortly.

His viewpoint on what will save the world are these three things:

& the political will of the People.

And he outlines this in great detail in his book.

There are 4 species of extraterrestrial life on Planet Earth.

After the first atom bomb was detonated in 1945, a huge influx of ET’s began showing up.

“Hey, the children are playing with matches.” :,(

The ET’s have interfered with US missile operations disarming missiles on a regular basis. And they continue to do so.

Someone from one of the Treaty Nations extended a welcome to Paul during the Q & A period, and asked,’How can we help with what you are doing?’ ‘You guys are already ahead of us,’ he replied.

Paul spoke briefly about the Justice System as someone mentioned a 2,880 Unit Pre-Trial Jail in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that I had never heard of, meant solely to hold people before trial.

Paul’s spoke of Restorative Justice and this ‘horrific’ idea of how ‘No person is beyond Redemption.’

Next came Grant Cameron to present:

‘Project Magnet’ – Research on flying saucers undertaken by the U.S. Government.

Check out ‘The New Science’ by Wilbur Smith.

Other names he mentioned: Vannevar Bush, Frances Swan, George Knapp, Dick D’Amato

Every nation in the world has been informed about ET’s.

Chase Brandon – he was in the CIA for 43 years, he is the liaison to Hollywood.

More info he dropped:

‘Nuclear Savage’ documentary, ‘Operation Castle’ – Marshall Islands, Secret Restricted Data Project 4.1, ‘Sounds from Another Room’ – Sir Peter Horsley, Executive Order 12958, ‘It Has Begun’ You Tube video.

Look for the Neil Young song WITH lyrics, ‘After the Goldrush’ and think about what is being done to the planet.

He wrote that when he was stoned.

He spoke of artists having ideas downloaded into their minds by ET’s. Ie. Thom Yorke & Patti Smythe.

PIVOTAL moment for me….:

Grant told us that 100’s of Abductees he has interviewed told him that they were shown two visuals by ET’s:

One: A photograph of a Mushroom Cloud aka a Nuclear Bomb Detonation.

Two: Our Environment

He spoke quite a bit about the US  Presidents and their attempts at uncovering ALL OF IT.

To no avail.

Next to speak was Richard Nolan:

He got into the political climate of the World.

The US spends 38% of its budget on the Military. This is more military spending  than the rest of the worlds military  spending combined.

NAFTA, GATT, TPPA, TAFTA etc are all ‘breakaway’ stand alone financial structures.

They are ALL new systems of ‘royalty’.

The ISIS War is a proxy war.
ISIS is funded by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Israel.

The ISIS war is meant to break Iran & Iraq & Syria.

All for the purpose of taking down the Islamic Pipeline.

The US goal (Plan) is to maintain the US dollar – Petrodollar.
The BRICS nations, specifically China & Russia are creating money and energy deals that EXCLUDE the US/Petrodollar.

There is a serious potential to have a new gold backed world reserve currency.
The mission of Wall Street & the White House is to prevent this.

Bonus Plan: control the vast Russian wealth, create regime change in Moscow,
Europeans are fearful & pushing back.
Integrate the Ukraine into the EU. Bleed it physically and financially. Keep the war going via proxy. Destroy Putins political foundation.

All of this is inadvertently paving the way for the disclosure of ET’s.

Dimitry Medvedev spoke openly about disclosure on Russian TV. He mentioned something that was translated in the Media as ‘Men In Black’ and everyone thought that he was referring to the Will Smith flick.

But, of course, we think everything is about us…. Hahaah.

Men In Black was actually a Russian Documentary.

Disclosure Scenario #1:
Premature Disclosure

Disclosure by another nation other than the US is not a desirable outcome.

If Russia or China for example announces the existence of ET’s everyone else including the Americans, would know they had been lied to.

If the American govt could lie about ET’s the people would know they had been lied to about so many other things…

He spoke of false flags here mentioning, the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, Syria holding Chemical Weapons, Ebola, the Malaysia Flight that crashed, ISIS, etc.

Disclosure Scenario #2
Preferred Disclosure:

The race between the people and their handlers.

And the other great race bwt. the breakaway civilizations vs. the others.

The latter disclosure scenario would result in a Utopia for those who can afford it.

A Caste class system will be embedded in our biology.

Disclosure Scenario #3:
Disclosure Driven by the People

His suppositions on ET’s are as follows:

Probable long time presence
Powerful telepathy
Presumably super intelligence
Humanoid in appearance
Grays? Reptoids?
Benign beings.

Are we ready for open contact?

Speaking last but not least was Steven Bassett:

To get on his mail out list email:

He had the most stats and factoids to share. And he went fast.

He spoke of us living in a Pre-Disclosure vs. Post Disclosure world with a line in between them.

The line was once impenetrable.

But it has been growing thinner in recent years and the witnesses of ET’s are the chief driving force.

In May of 2001, France put out the COMETA report, an ET disclosure document. The COMETA members are ALL exceptional people. Google the members list.

There was ZERO follow up on this.

9/11 happened four months later, before anyone really picked up the COMETA report.

This was the first break of silence by ANY of the U.S. Allies.

Recent Disclosures:

Mexico Releases UFO Incident Info 2004, Video Footage from CNN.
Canada releases UFO files 2009.
Paul Hellyer begins speaking out 2005.
Brazil speaks of being in cooperation with ET’s 2005 & 2006.
France 2006.
The UK 2007.
Denmark 2009.
Uruguay 2009.
Sweden 2009.
Russia’s Underwater footage 2009.
The Vatican 2009.
New Zealand 2010.

More links of countries disclosing:

Read ‘UFO’s & Nukes’ by Robert Hasting

Research John Bodesta. He is a linchpin figure in the US.

Citizen Disclosure Hearing happened in 2013. Google that. HUGE KEY TO ALL OF THIS. Here’s a link to their main website:

Congressional Hearings Initiative November 5th, 2013. Look that up.

Look up Disclosure Lobby and Fax on Washington.

ET’s are tampering with Nuclear Weapons, turning off missiles.

Read ‘Faded Giant’ by Robert Salas. (Couldn’t find an online pdf to post here but I did find this).

Mentioned, Grant Cameron’s website. Tons of info on there on the US presidents and their efforts at disclosure.

Photographs shown of one of the Rockefeller’s with Hillary Clinton. She was carrying a book in her arms in the photograph. It was called ‘Are We Alone?’ by Paul Davies.

This is where the Rockefeller Initiative was spoken about. Laurence and then David Rockefeller have been gunning for ET disclosure.

The US is being excruciatingly slow with any movement forward on disclosure.

He showed both the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Jimmy Kimmel Live interviews.

All questions are screened and questions are given as suggestions to hosts.

Just before Jimmy Kimmel asks about whether or not he demanded to see all the evidence of alien existence right after he was sworn in, Obama was breathing 42 times per minute. There’s mention of it here. And here is the analysis on Obama’s body language.

He was hyperventilating knowing the question that was coming.

Jimmy asked both Presidents the same question on aliens with an identical preamble with exactly the same wording.

Bill Clintons interview was pretty blown.

Here is his:

Obama’s was very telling.

The one thing he said that struck me was,’They exert a lot of control over us.’

But I don’t believe he meant the ET’s.

Here is his interview:

I imagine the media and the US government as a whole are trying to scare us because they are scared shitless.

All of a sudden two pieces of news came out in the media.

One on Feb. 23rd, 2015 from Roll Call, a publication read by all 10,000 staffers in the US Govt. It was titled ‘UFO Activists To Capitol Hill: ‘Beam Me Up’!and there was a shit ton of stuff disclosed in that article.

The other was on April 3rd, 2015 from Mother Jones called ‘ET’s for Hillary: Why UFO Activists are Excited for Another Clinton Presidency’.

Both were huge in striking out against disclosure silence.

He spoke of the possibility of Putin (Russia) and Jinping (China) breaking the disclosure silence and again how that would be catastrophic for the stranglehold the US government has on Americans, reenforcing just how much the American people have been lied to.

‘If they’ve lied about ET’s just how much else has been lied about?’

He spoke of how many people around the world have been killed by the U.S. He talked about Vietnam, and how he remembers the media reports,’456 of our soldiers were killed last week. 8,000 of the enemy were killed in turn.’

And then the Middle East, speaking of how many died on 9/11 and how many have been killed in the Middle East since.

The vengeful nature. ‘If you break my leg, I’ll break every bone in your body.’

Attempting to crush other nations.

If you kill someone’s son or daughter or mother or father or grandfather or grandmother, that is how you make enemies.

America is reaping what they have sown:

So many want to blow the fuck out of the United States of America. And due to their aggression perpetrated upon the rest of the world, the US of A has created the largest army of suicide bombers wanting to take them out.

This is what the secrecy surrounding the Denver Airport is about:

They have built a back up for D.C. there. The US is anticipating that Washington, DC will be nuked in due time. And they are preparing for the fall out.

2nd largest airport in the world. But, only the 18th busiest by passenger traffic.

That is what the FEMA camps are about. That is what the coffins are about.

He made a point of showing us some of the murals that are on the walls in Denver as well. I found this article on them:

This was where he spoke about Canada:

We remained relatively independent up to 2003. Our involvements in the wars – The fact that when a village is bombed or innocents killed, no one is running out to see if it’s the Americans or the Canadian.

But our time is coming.

This is where he spoke about the Count Down to Zero.

Here is the trailer:

There are 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world.

He clearly linked the increase in cancer to nuclear weapons testing performed in part by the US. Here is a site I found quickly when I skimmed:

This was the chart used in Steve’s presentation:

And again he brought it back to Canada… And the fact that our borders aren’t fenced. And how there will be millions of people leaving the cities in the US to get the fuck away from DC.

And they will probably be coming here.

He spoke of how there was one single donor from Vancouver, Canada that covered the cost of the Citizen Disclosure Hearings from 2013.

They donated $1,000,000.

And the final question he asked us,’What could they (the ET’s) do to us that is worse that what we are doing to ourselves?’

All presenters are credible.
All have vast numbers of connections all over the world.

I believe all of them beyond any possible doubt, that everything they say is true.

I met all of them last night.

They are passionate, brave men, standing up for what is right, and necessary and vital to our survival.
Zero bad vibes from them.
It was what I imagine how connecting with any number of my close FB brothers would be like.

I trust them. I believe them.
I believe in them and what they are trying to do.

So the greatest things that are sticking with me after such a long, loaded day are these:

The Star People are here.
They have been here for a very long time.
There is screaming proof and smoking guns out there. Everywhere.

They are trying to stop us from annihilating ourselves and each other.
They care about us somehow for some reason or another and they care about Planet Earth.

Why we or the Earth matters to them, I know not.

They must believe in some of us and want us to take action or they wouldn’t be showing us images of nuclear fallout and the environment, they wouldn’t be tampering with missiles and disabling them; they would simply let us completely kill ourselves and each other and the planet in catastrophic ways.

And we are being lied to, at every possible moment. In every ugly, monstrous way, the media and the government are spinning massive tales of propaganda to try make us hate ourselves, each other, other governments in other countries.

The governments want us afraid.
They want us feeling powerless.
They want us mentally disabled and incapacitated and unable to compute what is most likely coming.

And they think we are fucking stupid.

So it is time to gather together.
And call for a cease and desist on all Western aggression. On all criminal activities of the Entire Cabal.

It is time to come together in peace and understanding that we cannot continue on this way. We are meant for more than this pathetic, violent existence within the System.

It is time to demand disclosure.

There will be another Disclosure Tour in Canada from August 8th-30th.

Nasir Haramein, Patty Greer, Marty Leeds and Jane Crossman among others will be presenting.

Please check here for more info:

This concludes my report on the Disclosure Tour presentation I attended today in Calgary, Alberta.

Thank you for your time.


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