‘Criminals’ & ‘Returning to the Teachings’

When I was small, I never understood the vehemence that came into people’s voices when they spoke the syllables that made up the word ‘criminal’.

I didn’t really understand the word.

As I got a bit older I came to understand that people WANTED me to view those they had labelled with that word as ‘bad’ and/or ‘evil’; people I was to be afraid of.

Now, I have come to understand that the usage of the word ‘criminal’ is truly SUBJECTIVE.

What is good or bad?

Honestly. Ask yourself.

And as an example:

At one time I REVERED Barack Obama. I saw his win as a victory for black/African American/African (please insert the appropriately acceptable term for you here) citizens of the United States of America. For a better ‘country’.

Yes. Me.

I didn’t know.
But, I know now.

So at one time he and ‘government’ in my eyes were ‘good’.

My opinions and ideas have changed with new information.

Thank eff I learned.
So much of this is about perspective.

First Nations people?

They have a beautiful way of looking at their fellow humans. They look at the whole person. Their background, their family, their upbringing. They don’t even have a WORD that MEANS ‘criminal’ in their languages. For them what they use to express ‘criminal’ is like ‘the person/boy/girl/man/woman, who did that thing’. They don’t have such a demonizing word. They don’t associate the human being with their behaviour.

It is very similar to the opposite of Slavespeak.

I am trying to remember if I ever really walked this world feeling afraid of ‘criminals’. I never felt afraid of the ‘terrorists’.

I have felt afraid of our government and the cops more than anything. I have at one time or another been afraid late at night when I have been at home by myself.

But, the bulletins about ‘people being on the loose’ nope, I haven’t felt that fear.

And this book is why.

Returning to The Teachings by Rupert Ross

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