Canadian Babies Born Prepolluted

You know, I think my view of the whole ‘they’re poisoning us’ shit-kitten-caboodle changed late last year when I read an article coming out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This article was about a study that had been done on the umbilical cord blood of three newborn babies that they had randomly tested in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton areas….

All three babies cord blood randomly tested showed ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN chemicals out of the THREE HUNDRED they were testing for…..

Everything from PCB’s to the fire retardant chemicals in your couches, bedding, pj’s, chemicals from non-stick frying pans and so on……

So lemme get this straight….

I have to attempt to ‘cope’ with the fact that my body is no longer a biologically safe place to create life because of all the poisons in the world around me around me????

And not only me but ALL my sisters of the child bearing years?

And not only US women but our men’s little spermies get affected by the shit in our environment too???

For realz???


Sooooooo, ya.

It really doesn’t matter what your focus is: GMO’s, emissions, chemtrails aka geoengineering, water quality, product safety, pollution in general, fracking, the oil & gas industry.


BECAUSE THEY ARE POISONING US. I don’t care if they ‘mean to’ or not. Irregardless, they are doing it.

Us women need to speak out. For our bodies and our babies and our children and their bodies and their babies too.

And we need the men to stand with us on this too.

We are making this new world. Even our breast milk is testing positive for toxins.

And this is ‘Canada’ for Pete’s sake, we’re ‘supposed’ to be so environmentally ‘pristine’! HAHAHAHAH.

#LabsJustMayBeSaferThanOurWombs ?
#SayWhat ?

You can find the article here.

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