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My Kids & Cancer

I told my kids about cannabis curing cancer yesterday. I also told them about how it is illegal.

I told them about when I was studying palliative care nursing, I read a case study on an 84 year old man who was slowly dying of cancer. He was given morphine for the pain. The morphine constipated him. He was given another medication for that which in turn resulted in another side effect. He was given another medication for that side effect which resulted of course, in an additional side effect and so on until he was on 8 different medications that stemmed from him needing pain relief. Alllll he had to do was smoke, eat or absorb cannabis, I told them and it would have helped him.

I reminded my oldest son of when I first hurt my back four years ago and he initially (for that first week or two) had to help me get out of bed in the morning when my ex was away in the bush working. My youngest also remembered it being really bad and it still gets bad sometimes. Nerve & bone pain is excruciating. Far worse than labour. Far worse than any pain I have ever experienced. It could make you start to black out or gag. Most of the time it was that burning, sharp on the spot pain that would just make me feel nauseous, weak and despondent. I told them that the pills my doctor gave me didn’t work for the pain. That I went to a friend and they gave me a Percocet pill. That never helped. Another friend gave me an OxyContin pill. STILL that never took the pain away. Strong medications that did nothing.

I told them that I inhaled twice off of a marijuana joint and I was pain free for almost 8 hours.

My youngest said I needed to ‘smoke that stuff all the time’!

I told them how badly I wanted to grow it for people and give it to them so they would feel better and not be sick anymore but if I did I would most likely be fined and/or go to jail and the government would probably take them away from me. I told them how the government, hospitals and drug companies that make all the chemical medicines make money off of us being sick but that cannabis can be grown by people relatively easily and cheaply and it would cure cancer and ease peoples pain.

Both of my sons were mindblown.

It just wouldn’t compute for them why this is being done to us.

Profit didn’t seem to be a justifiable reason.