I think I always knew the world was broken. I didn’t understand the ins and the outs of it, but still knew the government was shit and the very act of submitting to something that hung over you telling you what to do, was wrong.

I was a troubled, rebellious kid since I was walking pretty much. I think the weight of the world hit my shoulders pretty early on. I have been writing about corruption in poems since I started even doing that, but still didn’t understand the workings of it all. As I became an adult I tried to just pay their game… live the dream laid before me. I got married, bought a home, worked and put my dreams on the shelf to die. And then I had my daughter…

Once she started eating ‘real’ food and I realized I was gaining weight faster than I could keep up with, I became interested in health somewhat. One day my husband and I sat down and watch a documentary, Food Inc. and bam! Everything started to click with the world view I already had. I started digging! I cried a lot. I was scared a lot. I grew A LOT! And WE CHANGED A LOT of our family’s eating, living and thinking habits.

I lost friends, although I didn’t have many to begin with. I killed already strained relationships. I realized how the system was geared to keep us away from ourselves and giving us things to distract; media, illness, hatred. I realized that my biggest outlet to affect change is through meeting up with my true self and doing what it is in my heart and that is where I am now: Following dreams, empowered most days, and doing whatever things I personally can do to add to this world, to make up for my subtractions and help carry the load of those who still can’t see. I am so much happier for it and mentally healthier than ever before… I still have bad days, but I suppose we all do and will forever.

I FULLHEARTEDLY believe we will make a better world for the generations of tomorrow. It is scary when you first see what the world really is, but hunkering down into your self- discovery process can give you new life in a world of death and destruction. It can give you a sense of mission, a sense of purpose.

I send love and encouragement to though walking the path to truth and those who will see one day.

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