A State of Emergency Up in Nunavut

$100 flat of water? $600 for a fresh Thanksgiving turkey?

Something is seriously wrong with the cost of groceries that are being sold up in the Canadian North…

I believe this just may call for a Food Revolution with some walipini’s built into the substrata, grow lights, a rocket thermal mass heater or two and a few thousand seed bombs.


Here is another page with the sharing of prices from all over the country. I guarantee you will be surprised.


At one point, humans knew how to grow their own food. Industrialization hasn’t been around THAT long. Humans once hunted and gardened and toiled in the fields. We need to get back to that.

I imagine that some people think there may be great foolishness in attempting to grow food indoors north of the 60th Parallel…

I say we’d be stupid not to try.

~ KeeKee


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