Ok, here i am, brothers and sisters. My name is Franco, from Italy, you know me as “Franco Fra” on Fb.

My story is…. bah… i think the same of most of us. For a most part of my life (and now i’m old…. unfortunately), i was a “good citizen”, i obey laws, work harder for support my family, pay taxes… and so on. As all of my fellow citizens, i watch every news on Tv, newspapers, ignoring the great deception. I believed everything I was told, I had no reason to doubt, was they not the “disclosure of the truth”? So, i thought, but….. a day, one year ago about….. There were many protests in Italy, by the students, in favor of the public school that the government wanted to privatize. There were clashes with the police, there were wounded, and the government said that the violence was provoked by the protesters who attacked the police. My daughter was among them, and what she told me did not fit with what the TV told, so … I started looking for the truth ‘in the web …. for every fact told by the media there was a demonstration filmed exactly the opposite, and I realized …..the great deception. I saw armed police in riot suits, attacking and beating unarmed boys of 14 years, even they were dangerous terrorists, guilty only of protesting for the right to study. I saw terrified girls locked in a corner by more police and dragged away by the hair. Are those “the terrorists”?

I assure you that the real criminals in my country, are treated much better.

I continued to seek the truth, and I discovered a “new world”, very different from what ‘I knew. A world where the lies, the deceptions were exposed, where there were those who fought for the truth’. And I found friendship, equality, brotherhood, sharing of life. I rediscovered the meaning of being human that I had lost, after years of indoctrination and brainwashing, where I taught in refuse, fight, marginalizing the “different”, to despise poverty, ’cause “who was poor was just a loser”.

So ‘I knew I had spent a lifetime in falsehood’, pursuing ideals without meaning, and I began to understand how deeply wrong there is in the world, and I decided to fight, as I can. Probably will not do ‘no difference’, I am only 1, and even old, but I would not spend the last years of my life without even trying to do something.

~ Franco ~

Revolutionary Dreaming

We stay asleep in our beds. But, we walk out of our homes….

Sledgehammers in hand.

We walk over to the ‘Big Pharma’ sign and smash it. All Big Pharmas go down. No more fucking with our genes, our DNA, our health and our wellness. No more hijacking us when we are at our most vulnerable. No more holding us hostage to secure our wellness.

One bar of The Cage falls.

We walk over to the ‘Big Banks’ sign and smash it. All Big Banks go down. All debt erased. No more race for ‘Whoever has the Most Money in the End Wins.’ No more 1%. No more ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

Another bar on the The Cage falls.

We walk over to the ‘GMO’s’ sign. We smash that fucker right over. All GMO life on earth turns to ash. No particles left anywhere. All damage reversed. All land is fertile.

Another bar on The Cage falls.

We stroll over to the ‘Geoengineering’ Sign. Smash that one to pieces. The planet rights itself with no harm befalling anyone and all hurt healed. All health affected set to rights.

The Cage groans, the bars still carry such a heavy burden.

We are running now… The wind is in our hair. We are grinning and goosebumped. Crying and laughing… Elated. Bulls in china shops. But, we are almost there…

We hit the ‘Big Brother’ sign. All Government and Military fall. All surveillance stops. All wars end. All collusion and corruption ends. All authority ends.

Another bar on The Cage comes crashing down.

Finally, we come upon the biggest sign…:


The hits come from all sides…. These are the last bars on The Cage. At some point the roof caves to some awful disjointed angle and that fucker comes crashing down. We swing our hammers till there is nothing left.

Our enslavement is over.
We are free.

We stand there breathless, exhausted, faces toward each other and then the sun.

We put our hammers down and take each other’s hand.

We breathe.
We breathe those life infusing breaths.

We Intend. We Will.

Gather All Life within us.
Call All Life to us.

And Life listens.

Our quiet love and respect for this world garners strength.

We are ready.

I reach into my pockets…
And pull out seeds of LOVE.
I open my hand and let the wind take them.

My brother next to me…
He reaches into his pockets and pulls out seeds of COMPASSION.
They are gone in a split second on the wind.

My sister next to me…
She reaches into the pockets of her dress and pulls out handfuls of the seeds of COMMUNITY…
The wind takes them.

The next… Seeds of HOPE.
The next… Seeds of FORTITUDE.
The next… Seeds of KINDNESS.
The next… Seeds of CONNECTION.
The next… Seeds of RESPECT.
The next… Seeds of CREATIVITY.
The next… Seeds of INNOVATION.
The next… Seeds of CARE.
The next… Seeds of ABUNDANCE.
The next… Seeds of PEACE.

We hold so many seeds for the world.

The wind takes them all.
They disperse throughout the globe.
And life begins anew.

The world is whole once more.

We with the sledgehammers, with the power to tear down that which subjugated us all also had the seeds, the power to co-create this world anew.

All Life Mattered.

Everyone, every Living Being has gifts to share with this World.

All are Important.
All are Needed.
All are Loved.

(This was the beginnings of a waking dream I had that I decided to share… It expanded from there. This is my first time sharing something like this. I can’t draw what I envisioned. So I found some akin to what I saw).

#IDream #OpHumanAngels












Love to Humanity

May we all stand strong….

May we make it through each coming moment with honesty, dignity, integrity, courage and honour.

And most of all, may we make it through with love.

May we remember who we are and take time to reflect on who we strive to become.

May we aim high.

May the injuries and insults that we endure fall away like wind-swept dust.

May we nurture our resilience.

May we approach our lives with clarity, clarity on who and what matters, what is important to us and how we can make our dreams a reality within our lives and our communities.

May we cultivate our future holistically.

May we walk through these coming days with discernment, compassion, vibrancy, kindness and love, for ourselves and for others.

May we make it through with our humanity as our armour.

May we all be well met on the path at the end of the clearing…. <3

Love to you, World…

#AllLifeMatters #YouMatter

~ Written July 1st, 2014

This is the beginnings of getting all the writing that I have done in one spot… Both past and present. They are listed under the ‘Menu’.

I hope you enjoy….


The Citizen Disclosure Project

What do these men and women, these professional looking people in suits have in common???

You are looking at people from multiple countries currently or formerly engaged in the military, science AND government sectors including Canada’s own Former Defence Minister, Paul Hellier.

In April and May of 2013, THESE people got together to testify and bear witness to their knowledge of the existence of ExtraTerrestrial Life on this Earth and in this Solar System.

Don’t believe me?

Go here:

And dig.

Here is their video gallery with the link to their YouTube channel @ the bottom of this link:

And here is their witness list:

Paul Hellier writes books about this shit. Check Amazon. He’s legit.


Spying on the Indigenous

From this article:

‘…WikiLeaks has released documents revealing corporate and government surveillance of the Mohawk people’s relationships with foreign countries, as well as evidence that movements that could block corporate plans for oil and gas were tracked and that Native American communities were monitored for the U.S. Department Homeland Security.

The documents — among 5 million of WikiLeaks’ Global Intelligence Files — were released this month. Disclosures include emails from Stratfor, a Texas-based company that provides intelligence for corporations, such as Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, the Raytheon Company, and U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Marine Corps and the Defense Intelligence Agency….’

I know they are doing this in Canada as well.

How is this acceptable?
Why is their air space not being respected?
How is this OKAY?

Seven Generations

I’m going ta ‘hell’ for this… But, I can’t stop… :'( <3

The world must know.

The world must know that there are children here who are hungry. Families struggle hard. With their bills, with trying to save, with putting their kids through school… Doesn’t matter what class you’re in unless you are born of the elites.

Many families live without water. Or the water that they do have is polluted. Or they live without heat. Or indoor plumbing. Their housing is substandard. Many here, especially those who live near industry or those within the First Nations territories are sick.

The land here has been sold to the highest bidder. Industry marches throughout the countryside buying up water rights, taking whatever they can find. Industrial pollution is wreaking havoc on our environment and it has been destroying ecosystems for quite some time. Some people can light their tap water on fire. Entire communities have to truck in their drinking water or buy flats of bottles of it because industry has destroyed it through pollution or drained their aquifers completely.

The banks have been bailed out. They are in collusion with the government and the corporations. The banking system here is rigged as well. Many members of our law enforcement and justice systems are corrupt.

The opportunity to learn has become a race, a competition. Children are not taught, they are groomed and pushed hard to fit the education mold and model. So many are falling through the cracks and coming out of school unprepared for the harshness of this world. College and University are becoming a pipe dream for so many. The cost of living has skyrocketed while the availability of good healthcare, nutritious food and a decent education has significantly decreased. We are drowning in debt owed to the private banks and the insurance industry.

We are no different than other places…

This is Canada.

#IdleNoMore #Occupy #Anonymous #ACT #AllCausesTogether #Solidarity #AllLifeMatters #RainbowWarriors #SevenGenerations


Rainbow Warriors

We talk about the things no one wants to talk about.
We engage on levels people don’t want to try to comprehend.
We lay bare shadowy hallways of knowledge so many are terrified to witness.

We are relentless.
A cleansing fire.
A clarifying flame.

So many are frightened.
The fear of confronting our complacency and apathy and our responsibility for and to this world is enormous.

We have given our power up and away.
We have forgotten who we are.

The path we chose, the Wayseer, the Truther, the Warriors of the Light…

Is a simple one but a path of isolation, and hazards nonetheless.

We send it out there, again and again and again. Hoping we will be seen and heard. And most of all understood.

We cannot stop.
We are on a mission.
We have stepped to the line.
We have entered the battleground of the greatest challenge in human history.

Resist. Revolt. Rebel. Evolve. Transcend.


Become the change we need to see in this world. Demonstrate to others that together we are stronger. In unity we will survive and thrive.

All of this is possible.
It starts with you.
It starts with me.
It starts with us.



Occupy the boardrooms
Occupy the streets
Occupy the Vatican
Occupy the elite

Occupy consumerism
Occupy planned obsolescence
Occupy your brilliant mind
Occupy Hollywoods latest obsession

Occupy your dinner plate
Occupy the land
Occupy human nature
Occupy for this our last stand

Occupy peace
Occupy beauty
Occupy freedom
Occupy love

Occupy the human heart
Occupy at the foot of every tree
Occupy all causes together
Occupy humanity


Not Without Our Consent

I came across this article tonight:

And I am flabbergasted.

Agriculture WAS doing it?
But, Insurance took it over in 1991?!?


And so uhhh, at what point does it stop?

The people’s lack of belief? Their lack of care and concern? Their imagined inability to act?

When does it stop?

We can make allll the money we want. Buy all the houses. Procure the Audi’s, BMW’s and Hummer’s. The ATV’s. The gadgets. The latest fads…..

But, none of that will matter when we’re choking on our atmosphere. And this planet is dead.

We get what we deserve.

We have been lax for so long. Trusting those in power. We have fought hard against one another asserting the truth as we know it.

‘You’re crazy.’ ‘You’re one of those tin foil hat wearing kinda types, huh?’ ‘You’re insane if you believe that.’

That is exactly how I feel when I come across people that are incapable of critical thought.

It amazes me that we have yet to come together and confront the ugliness that is being created for our ‘benefit’.

The flora and fauna all over North America are exhibiting signs of damage due to the environment around them that they are manipulating and essentially destroying.

We gave no consent for this. Permission for this has not been given by the people.

And it is being pitched to us like we should be grateful we’re being ‘chem bombed’ from the sky because it’s saving our ‘things’ and ‘protecting’ us.

Such a crock.

And, really… Who is it saving?

It is obvious that the insurance companies don’t want to pay. They don’t want to deal with the wrath of Mother Nature and the damage she can do to our ‘stuff’.

So they spray the skies.
With chemicals.
Which rain down on us.

Our children.
Our pets.
Our ‘stuff’.

And on all life around us.

I hope this blows the minds of those who are only now starting to get it:

They don’t really care about us.
They don’t care about our homes, our autos, our lives, our loved ones. Our ‘stuff’.

We are a number.
A file.
A dollar sign.
A profit margin.
A cash cow.

Our tragedies are their write offs and capital losses.

They will do what they must to prevent monetary loss and increase their wealth.

Including poisoning the sky.

Do you see?

This article asserts that all three levels of the Canadian government combined carry a smashing total of $4.1 trillion in direct debt and unfunded liabilities.

Who is most of this astronomical amount of cashola owed to?

Insurance companies & private banks.

And where are the high dollar amounts developing?

Within the interest charged on the dollars loaned….

What the hell is interest anyways? Jeez.

This paints a horrifying picture of what our children should expect from their future…:

We are creating debt slaves who will be groomed to appreciate their own demise because the insurance companies that are spraying the shit out of us and our air to modify the atmosphere to prevent inclement weather to protect the things we pay them to insure, don’t want to pay to fix the things that WE PAY THEM to cover.

Make any sense?


I know, damnit! It’s maddening.

And as far as looking out for #1? I couldn’t find an accurate number to nail down for the whole lot of them…

But, the major insurance companies in Canada made profits in the billions of dollars range. Just checking into a small number of the major ones combined and we are talking about the tens of billions of dollars range and beyond.

I think the growth of the industry and the snowballing of their profits is happening far too fast for anyone to tabulate on an annual basis anymore.

Anyways… Enough of my psychotic ranting, right?

All I want to know is….

Who gave them permission to do this?
Why weren’t we consulted?
Why is it being portrayed to the public in such a disgusting way?

And where can I sign up to OPT OUT?

Myself, my children and all life that I love need to opt out…

And finally, where can we get some no-spraying of the atmosphere happening?


Please point the way…….



Oh, blinded, now I see
That I could not hold you
My orange tree,
Left in the darkened room for three of us to share.

Oh, maybe you were free,
Before my blackened wing covered you,
I took the sing from your song
I made a bed,
Where you don’t belong.

Oh, poor me, she fell beneath the wheels to help me up.
Black Sea, I failed to be a light you found in love.
Oh poor me, she fell beneath the wheels to help me up.
Black Sea, the monster killed the melody you loved.

Now I’m going places on my own.

Blinded, now I see
That death moves amongst us,
And with such ease the rafters surround us.
These silent beasts are hard to bear.

Lonely, oh, no not me
I have a grave to dig, fast moving feet.
You gave me light
Where it once was gone.
I made a bed,
Where you don’t belong.

Poor me, she fell beneath the wheels to help me up.
Black Sea, I failed to be the light you found in love.
Oh poor me, she fell beneath the wheels to help me up.
Black Sea, the monster killed the melody you loved.

Now I’m going places on my own.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. But, I’ll always love you.
Even after I’m gone.
I will love you.