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“…Have you ever noticed whenever you speak of a not so good future people always say “not in my life time or my kids life time or their kids lifetimes or their kids lifetimes”? What they are saying is that they know what you say is true but they really don’t give a shit about distant future generations. They care about themselves because they are here. They care about their kids because they put them here. They care about their grand kids because they will be around to see them. And they care about their great grand kids because they may be here to see them born. After that they really don’t care because they will be long gone and they have no real other connections beyond their great grand children. Perhaps this is why people fail to get involved in the future of the world. Our time here is very short. Perhaps if we lived for 500 years or more people would care more and get involved. Imagine having 450 years to do in a job you hate! I cringe just thinking about it. People would also start to think “Hey this could happen in my life time!”…”

~ Joe ~



I have known life wasn’t happening the way it was supposed to most of my life, even though I was successful. Good people were not treating others right, they didn’t trust, accept help unconditionally and as I got old, it got worse, way way worse. One day while looking for a spark of fresh air, someone people could trust and support to make a difference, I met Clint Curtis. He told me about his program that changed election results and how his best friend lost his life trying to help him prove his program was being used, and how he went to Congress to narc on himself. I was already awake to a lot, but this, this pissed me off. You know, the kind of anger that never dies. Now, I will never stop. I knew at that moment why people were the way they were. The game was rigged, and people knew it, they just did know why they knew it, they just did. I am here to give them all the whys.



I think I always knew the world was broken. I didn’t understand the ins and the outs of it, but still knew the government was shit and the very act of submitting to something that hung over you telling you what to do, was wrong.

I was a troubled, rebellious kid since I was walking pretty much. I think the weight of the world hit my shoulders pretty early on. I have been writing about corruption in poems since I started even doing that, but still didn’t understand the workings of it all. As I became an adult I tried to just pay their game… live the dream laid before me. I got married, bought a home, worked and put my dreams on the shelf to die. And then I had my daughter…

Once she started eating ‘real’ food and I realized I was gaining weight faster than I could keep up with, I became interested in health somewhat. One day my husband and I sat down and watch a documentary, Food Inc. and bam! Everything started to click with the world view I already had. I started digging! I cried a lot. I was scared a lot. I grew A LOT! And WE CHANGED A LOT of our family’s eating, living and thinking habits.

I lost friends, although I didn’t have many to begin with. I killed already strained relationships. I realized how the system was geared to keep us away from ourselves and giving us things to distract; media, illness, hatred. I realized that my biggest outlet to affect change is through meeting up with my true self and doing what it is in my heart and that is where I am now: Following dreams, empowered most days, and doing whatever things I personally can do to add to this world, to make up for my subtractions and help carry the load of those who still can’t see. I am so much happier for it and mentally healthier than ever before… I still have bad days, but I suppose we all do and will forever.

I FULLHEARTEDLY believe we will make a better world for the generations of tomorrow. It is scary when you first see what the world really is, but hunkering down into your self- discovery process can give you new life in a world of death and destruction. It can give you a sense of mission, a sense of purpose.

I send love and encouragement to though walking the path to truth and those who will see one day.

Ubuntu Contributionism – A Blueprint for a New Social Structure

ubuntu-largeAll things Ubuntu are here.

Documents on Contributionism, Slavespeak, the Freedom Charter and the Ubuntu Party Constitution here in the Document Archives: http://www.ubuntuplanet.org/document-archives/

Ubuntu Party Opening Statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeD8-7p_6ys

Ubuntu Presentation from Durban, South Africa

The 2014 Update from the founder of Ubuntu, Michael Tellinger.

A webpage containing FAQ links for download: http://www.ubuntuplanet.org/faqs/

More videos from the Video Room on http://www.ubuntuplanet.org.

And finally, you can purchase Michael Tellinger’s book ‘Ubuntu Contributionism’ for $10 in PDF format here: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/

Introduction to the book here from http://www.ubuntuplanet.org/ubuntu-contributionism/ :, “…The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years all controlled by money.

Michael Tellinger has come full circle since his epic Slave Species of god in 2006, by proposing a blueprint for the emancipation of the slave species called humanity. The world, and everything in it, has been incorporated, including every single human being, without their knowledge. But how do we use the knowledge of the past effectively, to benefit all of humanity into the future?

Tellinger redefines the previously misunderstood origins of money and the rise of the royal banking elite, that have controlled the world for millennia, and who continue to do so today through the modern banking families. He points out that money did not evolve from thousands of years of barter and trade, but that it was maliciously introduced to the human race as a tool of absolute control and enslavement. Tellinger makes a strong case, that if we do not understand our human origins, we cannot come to terms with why the world is so utterly confusing and messed up in the 21st century.

He demonstrates that our current situation presents us with a unique opportunity to change the course of our destiny. Michael Tellinger describes how the ancient African philosophy of UBUNTU will allow us to seamlessly move from a divided, money-driven society, to prosper in united communities driven by people, their God-given talents and their passion for life. Coming to terms with our enslavement as a species by the global financial system, is critical to discovering the path to full enlightenment.

UBUNTU Contributionism presents a solid foundation for a new social structure to take us into a new era of true freedom from financial tyranny, towards real prosperity on every level of human endeavour.

Since 2010, Michael Tellinger and a small group of brave individuals, have spearheaded the civil defence against the fraudulent activities of the South African banks. Over a period of three years, during which they defended themselves at great personal loss and cost, against the most seasoned lawyers money can buy, Tellinger and friends successfully uncovered the criminal activity of the banksters , how they hide behind their legal watch dogs and the infinitely complex legal system. He uncovered how they manipulate the justice system for their continued benefit and how they get away with crimes against humanity, destroying millions of people s lives in the process on, day by day.

Tellingers in-depth exposé of the global banking fraud includes the privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE BANK in the USA, the very powerful SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, and other central banks of the world including the BANK OF ENGLAND. This journey has taken him through the halls of the Supreme Court in Johannesburg and the Constitutional Court, indicating clearly by the words of the registrar of the court that, our courts do not dispense justice, they uphold the law … no matter how crooked the law may be.

While the courtroom dramas were largely ignored by mainstream media, it attracted the attention of millions of people around the world, leading to the birth of the New Economics Rights Alliance, which became the third largest NPO in South Africa within six months of its launch.

Please research further if you are interested in Ubuntu. Ubuntu communities will be one of the solutions that saves us.

Winter Sowing

If you have long, dreary winters then this might be a relief for you!

Winter sowing is something I learned about almost 6 years ago. Totally changed the way I gardened and enabled me to get my hands dirty in the winter. It also produced a large volume of plants earlier, that were hardier, in a very small amount of space.

Save as many of your plastic containers as you can. Or ask your neighbors for theirs.

Smaller containers are best. Maybe 250-500mLs.

Poke holes in the bottom for drainage. Place a tiny bit of newspaper crumpled up into the bottom. Water slightly till it can easily be pushed down. Fill with dirt up to the top leaving a finger joint width of space. Water the dirt well till it drains out of the bottom. Sink your seeds to three times its depth when it’s lying on its side. If it’s tiny like a poppy seed, then sprinkle on the surface and leave uncovered. Cover it over if it’s a bigger seed and sink the whole container in the dirt somewhere where it will get a bit of protection. Water regularly if you don’t have snow on the ground.

If you DO have snow on the ground then you can put plastic wrap over top with an elastic or tape. Poke holes in the top for aeration. (That is where containers from buying salad mix or bakery items at the store come in handy) Stick THAT whole thing in the snow.

Keep an eye on it.

This is called winter sowing.

It works. I’ve had major success with it. One year I planted 184 varieties of seed (edible, medicinal, landscaping, and est ethic plants) over the duration of our Canadian winter.

181 germinated. I remember because I kept records.

Awesome way to grow a huge amount of plants for pennies, earlier than others, hardier than others in a very small amount of space.

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I never felt right with the world. I rejected every thing the “world” had to through at me, poverty, hardship, pain. I guess I was born with my instincts and the “world” (ie. the system of control) didn’t agree with them.

So I made a choice, a pledge if you will. To transform myself to conquer and destroy the plastic “world” and restore it to its free and natural condition.