The Garden of Resistance

Why You Are Here….
17This place is slowly growing…

And it doesn’t really matter how you ended up here. The point is that you’re here.

The Garden of Resistance is for all. To explore, learn and unite.

It was created for the purpose of gathering together information, tools, articles, videos and the like into one spot, both for safe keeping and the dissemination of knowledge.

Hopefully, you find something of value here that will serve you well.


In Solidarity & with Warm Regards,

The Garden of Resistance

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6 thoughts on “The Garden of Resistance”

  1. I think you have a great concept and creating something even partially interactive or a means to connect and share information is something we can all benefit from. I have been into getting at the truth and sharing it since 911 and you can get some idea of what I share on my FB page called Exploring the Matrix of lies and my website linked above. I am would be happy to contribute things like articles I find on the net that may be of interest and may even be willing to write something from time to time.
    I may also link your site to mind, but I don’t get very much traffic, not to much interest in freedom these days for some reason, I suspect that may change once the financial system collapses and the illusions of comfort begin to fade.

    1. I look forward to seeing Vbihuti’s comments. I have benefited from the knowledge he shared on Facebook.

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